• Special Natts Process

    Special Natts Process

  • Irradiation Color

    Irradiation Color Treatment

  • Soaking Treatment

    Soaking Treatment

  • Rough Boiling Process

    Rough Boiling Process

  • Golden Sapphire Treatment

    Golden Sapphire Treatment

Laser Drilling

Laser drilling creates a minuscule passageway into the heart of a diamond. This is a small tunnel that is used to reach a large inclusion in a diamond.

The manmade opening allows for further treatments, such as boiling out included crystals with acid. In other cases, an internal fracture, feather or knot, can be laser drilled to create a passageway to introduce glass-like substances that soften or minimize their appearance.

Laser drilling is the process of,

Laser Drilling

Drilling a hole with a hot, high-power laser beam from a point on the surface of a diamond to a dark inclusion trapped within the diamond.

The laser beam "drills hole", to the dark inclusion; this provides a passage to the inclusion from the surface, and deep boiling in acid or bleach will remove the dark and cause the inclusion to be less visible. The drill holes themselves appear as fine, straight tunnels from the surface of the diamond to an inclusion.

Laser drilled clarity enhanced diamonds have a microscopic channel made into the diamond in order to clean, remove or bleach white, defects such as bubbles and black carbon spots that can be visible to the naked eye.


  • Removes deep rooted natts and excels your diamond clarity and hence appreciates your diamond' price.
  • The laser drilling is a permanent enhancement process meaning that the diamond will stay the way it is after the enhancement.

For Soaking Treatment the diamond parcel could be submitted at any of our branch offices and could be collected on the 4th day of the submission.