• Special Natts Process

    Special Natts Process

  • Irradiation Color

    Irradiation Color Treatment

  • Soaking Treatment

    Soaking Treatment

  • Rough Boiling Process

    Rough Boiling Process

  • Golden Sapphire Treatment

    Golden Sapphire Treatment

Deep Boiling Process

This is the most commonly used process by our customers.

We recommend this process for each and every diamond as it results in higher light reflection which in turn causes the diamond to give out immense light and lustre.

It removes dirt and trace materials from Lb, tlb, lc and white thus allowing diamonds to reach their highest potential value.

Deep boiling diamonds is a process,

Deep Boiling

Whose aim is to remove, distance, metabolize and whiten dark stains that are found in the stones and which have access to an external facet.

he purpose of deep boiling is to try and reach internal dirt, which the boiling materials can reach via a tiny crack known as an “open inclusion” the tiny bit of black graphite trapped inside the diamond. These tiny dots are trapped in the diamond when it is formed. the process allows dirt to be removed so the polished diamond looks better.


  • Unlike normal boiling, the diamond is processed inside an electric regulated furnace under the influence of various chemicals which eventually results in brighter diamonds.