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Irradiation Color Treatment

Life diamond processors specializes in Irradiation technology in which white, lc, lb diamonds gets fancy colors like blue, green and yellow.

In irradiation color treatment,

Irradiation Color

The diamonds are bombarded with a stream of electrons due to which the internal compounding of diamonds get re-structured and hence changing the color of the diamonds naturally into blue, green or yellow.

In this process, there is no usage of artificial color, and hence there is no color coating done to the diamonds and hence the clarity, fire-lustre of the diamond remains unchanged.

THE color outcome of the diamonds totally depends on the diamonds fluorosence and other intrinsic properties of the diamond crystal and its is irreversible.

Above are some diamond samples which got processed at our lab.

But with our experience and expertise in Irradiation Technology over the years, we have seen the following tendency-White turns blue & Lb turns green.

In this process any other diamond characteristics remains unchanged.

In fact your diamonds get enhanced price in the market due to its new beautiful fancy color

For submitting your diamonds for Irradiation treatment, you can contact any of our representatives and they will further guide you regarding pricing & procedure involved in the colour treatment.