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Fracture Filling

Fracture filling hides white fractures in a diamond called "feathers" (jirum). A glass-like substance is injected into the fracture to make it less visible and to improve the stone's apparent clarity.

The artificial filler does not add any coloring or measurable weight to a treated stone. Fracture filled diamonds are hard to detect with the naked eye, because the filler closely matches a diamond's refractive index.

In fracture filling process,


Filling open fractures in a diamond (e.g., large and multiple feathers) with a glass-like substance which will camouflage the visibility of these large feathers(jirum).

This results in the diamond having an "apparent" clarity grade which is better than it would actually merit without the treatment. In fact, most diamonds which are suitable for the fracture filling process are so imperfect that they run the danger of breaking under stress due to the significant fractures present in the diamond..


  • Eliminates most eye-visible fractures and feathers(jirum) in a natural diamond.
  • Improves a stone's clarity, light & lustre.